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See what our StartUps are saying about receiving feedback from a group of experienced HBS alumni:

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ReBoot Accel

What an honor to have my startup, ReBoot Accel, as a participant in this program. We had an enlightening session last night, and I really appreciate the candor and insights. I now feel more clarity around some of our activities, and the rigorous questioning from the group has helped our team take some non-strategic activities off our too-long to-do list. HBS StartUp Partners is a brilliant idea, and I’d highly recommend it as a valuable resource for anyone’s startup. – Diane Johnson Flynn

Nova Labs

Our company, Nova Labs, had a great session yesterday with SUP in Palo Alto. During the session we were given some really great advice on the more technical and strategic aspects of fundraising — something we absolutely need as first-time founders. Also, we chatted about strategies for growing a team, utilizing (and framing the roles of) our advisors when discussing the company. Thanks for organizing and to and everyone else for coming out!
– William Dinkel


Yesterday the HBS StartUp Partners session focused on ConnectWell, the wellness company I founded. The 5 attendees provided thoughtful input at this juncture of the company as we prepare for growth and expand into areas beyond worksite wellness. Everyone was very generous in their offer to help and provide further guidance moving forward. I found the session to be highly valuable and am pleased that the HBS Northern California Association has decided to form HBS StartUp Partners to help HBS Entrepreneurs achieve success with their ventures.
– Andrea Bloom


Many thanks to HBS Startup Partners for organizing our session this week. It was great to have the experts weigh-in on Pluma’s enterprise sales and fundraising strategies. If you are interested in bringing cost-effective executive coaching to your team via our mobile platform, please let me know at [email protected]
– Alexandra Connell


My business partner Ed Murat and I took part to an HBS Startup Partners session yesterday April 20th. It has been an amazing moment with 5 smart and benevolent persons. We got relevant and inspiring feedbacks to move on with Bsharp, our early stage AI recruiting platform. Thank you to Kenya and Jean for the organization. Thank you to all volunteers for your time and help. We wish a long life to HBS Startup Partners!
– Nicolas Bourdin


I was one of the lucky entrepreneurs who had a session with StartUp Partners, and their feedback was very valuable. They helped not only with our pitch but with our business strategy as well. They gave us some insights that have already changed the way we are doing things. It was time very well spent. Thank you to the StartUp Partners team.
– Candace Fleming


Thanks to the HBS Startup Partners for joining us for a session in Palo Alto last month! We at Finvoice really appreciate all the advice and insights from the team, not only in terms of building our product and finding product-market fit, but also scaling our business over time. We will be sure to keep you up to date with our progress on these fronts!
– Nick Reshetnikov


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