HBS Association of Northern California StartupPartners

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of over 75 active, highly experienced HBS and Harvard alumni. Meet a few of our 75+ volunteer advisors who offer unique, compelling insights.

StartUp Partner Volunteers

Jean Kovacs

  • Global HBS Alumni Angels Chair
  • Founded Comergent & architected it’s future as part of AT&T

Jan Gullett

  • President & CEO of Tribe, Avantx, Bullant, Webswap & Planetweb
  • Expert in rapid marketing and sales driven growth for software & e-commerce

Adi Gamon

  • High-tech entrepreneurial exec with experience in general management, marketing, sales and finance
  • Expertise in integrating business and technology aspects to nurture an idea to fully operational entity

Jessie Chen

  • Senior product designer
  • Instructor of UX/UI Bootcamp at UC Berkeley
  • Led sales, marketing, partnering and M&A

Gabe Turner

  • Executive Director of Draper Venture Network
  • Entrepreneur with a passion for growing ideas into intelligent, sustainable businesses

Mark Cramer

  • Entrepreneur with 20 years of technology startup experience, specializing in Product Management.
  • Expertise in information retrieval, data analytics and machine learning.

Paul Chong

  • Product management specializing in data and analytics products
  • Proficient with data technologies databases, distributed processing, streaming

Chinam Kry

  • Advisor for over 18 years in technology and enterprise software industry;
  • Joined Workday in 2011
  • Enterprise SaaS sales and marketing Leader

Ben Dubin

  • Over 15 years experience in Venture Capital
  • Managing partner in 4 venture funds totaling $200M in 40 private companies

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