HBS Association of Northern California StartupPartners

Volunteer Advisors

HBS alumni advisors are the key to the success of our StartUp Partners program. We have over 75+ advisors and continue to grow! Click here to meet a few members of our team: Meet OurTeam

HBS advisors provide the following:

  • Advice on strengthening business plans & strategies for raising capital
  • Candor that helps focus startup’s strategy & clarifies customer pain points
  • Insights on product-market fit and scaling business
  • Introductions to ecosystem – customers, partners, VCs

Are you interested in experiencing satisfaction of giving back to the community, staying current with entrepreneurial trends, and networking with fellow HBS alumni over a free lunch? Although startups can not pitch for funding at these meetings, you can invest in any of these participating companies. If you’d like to share your advice and insights at these exciting startup meetings, register as a volunteer for one of our upcoming startup meetings.

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